Mass Effect: Andromeda Discounted by 50% and Free 10 Hour Trial at Xbox Store

Both Standard and Deluxe Editions of EA’s Mass Effect: Andromeda are discounted at Xbox Store by 50%. Standard edition is $30 in US Store and Deluxe edition is $35.

Buy Mass Effect: Andromeda for $30.00

Also, game’s 10 hour Free trial is now available for everyone on all platforms, including Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

If you buy Deluxe edition then along with the base game you will also receive the Pathfinder Casual Outfit, Scavenger Armor, the Pathfinder Elite Weapon Set containing four unique weapons, a Pet Pyjack (a space monkey) that will join you on your journey, a digital download of the game’s official soundtrack, and the Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack containing a brace of weapons and equipment for you to use on co-op missions.


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