Best external hard drives for Xbox One

best external drives for xbox one

An external hard drive for Xbox One can do wonders for your gaming experience no matter whether you have a 500GB, 1TB or a massive 2TB console.

Why use an external drive with Xbox One?

  1. First things first, I normally will recommend to buy a 500GB Xbox Console and get an external drive to increase your storage. Xbox One supports upto 16GB of external storage but it has to be USB 3. You can even connect multiple hard drives either using 2 or all of your Xbox One USB ports, or get a USB 3 Hub and connect multiple drives to it. Any USB 3 Hub will work, and you easily get them from Amazon. Try here.
  2. Secondly, even if you have a 1TB or 2TB console, i’ll recommend using an external USB 3 drive. Using external drives makes your games load faster than the stock drive that comes with Xbox One. It really increases the load times for games such as Witcher 3, GTA V and Just Cause 3. And it is very easy to use them, just plug them in one of the USB ports. You can also look into getting a SSD drive (used in PC) with an enclosure. This will be the fastest option.
  3. Third, it’s really easy to move them between consoles and you carry all your games with you. For example, if you’re upgrading from Xbox One to Xbox One S, you just need to plug it in and login with your gamertag to Xbox One S, and all your games/apps will be there. You don’t need todownload/install any games and apps again. Also, you can take your drive to your friend’s place, login with your xbox account, connect the drive, and your games are there.


Recommended drives

Here are few drives that I recommend, without any order. Ideally any USB 3 from a reputed brand should be good. Just check for a good deal. Best place to look for USB 3 drives deals is Amazon. Try this link.

1. Western Digital Elements (Bang for Bucks)

You can get this drive in 1TB, 2TB or 3TB sizes. It’s upto you what size you want. I’ll suggest get either 1TB or 2TB, for which you’re getting better price/GB value.

2.Western Digital My Book (Huge Storage, External Power)

This is also a great option, and comes in big capacities. Only problem for some can be it needs a dedicated power supply, but that also means it doesn’t need to draw power from your xbox and can be slightly faster, but those differences are negligible.

If you are the one who wants your gadgets to look beautiful then this is the one to get. It comes in 2 editions – Standard and Metal. Standard further comes in various colours, and metal comes in awesome silver metallic color, and black-blue.

It’s small and sleek, and you can double or triple your storage with little cash.

5. Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop (Huge Storage, External Power) 

This drive comes in capacities ranging from 2TB to 8TB, but usually it’s 4TB or 5TB models are on deals on Amazon. Keep in mind it uses external power source.

Similar to above, but sleek and without external power.

Faster than all of above as it is SSD. But it’s costly, with only 500GB ranging from $150-$200.

If money is not factor then get one of these, and install your most frequently games here, and get another cheaper usb 3 drive for other games, or just use internal xbox storage instead.

8. A laptop/desktop SSD drive with enclosure

You’ll get fastest speeds if you’re using a SSD drive as above, but they are costly. If you can spend extra dollars then get one of these from Amazon. To connect it to Xbox One you’ll need an enclosure, which comes really cheap.

One of the best is Samsung 500GB 850 EVO.

Make sure you also buy a USB 3 enclosure so that you can connect to Xbox. One of such is Anker 2.5in USB3 Enclosure.

9. A laptop/desktop Internal hard disk
Similar to above, you can use any of the hard disks from your laptop/desktop with an enclosure. Make sure it’s at least 7200RPM.

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